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A critical part of any good design is thorough analysis. Whether it’s calculating mechanical stresses or heat transfer on a component, or calculating fluid flow characteristics, Accel Automation has a wide range of tools to meet your needs. Accel Automation can provide:
• Kinematic Analysis of Mechanisms
• Stress Analysis via FEA (Finite Element Analysis)
• Vibration Analysis
• Dynamic Response
• Buckling
• Fatigue
• Drop Test
• Thermal Analysis including conduction, convection and radiation
• Fluid Flow Analysis using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics)

The links below will direct you to some examples of the Engineering Analysis Services that we've provided to our customers.

Active RFID Locating System

Tractor Tread Molding Machine

Air Bearing

Fiber Optic Connectorization Machine

Prototype Fiber Optic Connector Polishing Machine

Data-Tape Pin Press Machine

Thermal Panel Welding Machine

High Speed Indexing Conveyor

Pacemaker Battery Folding Machine

Box Loading Machine

Connector Oven

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