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Accel Automation has many years of mechanical design experience with tools ranging from drawing boards to state of the art 3D solid modeling software. Although experienced with many different CAD systems, Accel Automation has worked primarily with SolidWorks since 2004.

SolidWorks is a 3D solid modeling software package with well integrated engineering analysis tools. It can display your product or system from any viewpoint in three dimensions with life-like backgrounds, and can display moving components with realistic effects such as gravity and centrifugal force. In addition to its 3D modeling capabilities, Solidworks can also create technical 2D drawings for manufacturing, and can export data in a wide variety of formats for numerous manufacturing processes.

Using SolidWorks, Accel Automation provides its customers with top notch Mechanical Engineering & Design services. Whether you’re looking for custom machine, or product design assistance, Accel Automation is ready to put our expert mechanical design skills to work for you today.

The mechanical design capability of Accel Automation is demonstrated in the following projects.

Product Design

Active RFID Locating System

Electronic Tag Identification System

Next Generation Coronary Guide Catheter


Tractor Tread Molding Machine

Thermal Panel Welding Machine

Pacemaker Battery Folding Machine

Sensor Placement Machine

Box Loading Machine

VHS Tape Labeling Machine

Air Bearing

Automation (continued)

Fiber Optic Connectorization Machine

Prototype Fiber Optic Connector Polishing Machine

Antenna Tuner Machine

Ferrule Force Measurement Machine

Coronary Guide Wire Dip-Coating Machine

Coronary Guide Wire Shrink-Coating/Curing Machine

Sway Bar Tightening Machine

Multi-Screw Tightening Machine

Data-Tape Pin Press Machine

Pallet Transport & Stacking Machine

Connector Oven

High Speed Indexing Conveyor

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